What Google Glass Could Mean for the Future

December 27, 2012 Future Technology
Google Glass

Stylish and useful

Have you heard?  Google Glass is getting ready to be released to developers early first quarter 2013.  This amazing new technology is similar to a pair of glasses and offers users a HUD (heads up display) with a camera.  It is aimed at delivering user friendly AR (augmented reality) apps to its users.  From what we’ve seen and what we’ve conceived, the future is Q1 2013 and costs $1,500.

What this Means for Web Designers

With the continuous growth of smartphones and now tablets, having AR based glasses means that designers will now have to worry about yet another medium.  This could mean yet another gust of air into the RWD (responsive web design) bubble but, may vary being that Google Glass is powered by the Android platform.

Some Cool Ideas

Iron Man is now

Iron Man is now

The sky is the limit.  Imagine the following.

You walk into a crowded room.  You see a bunch of people that you recognize but, can’t remember their name.  With Google Glass, there could be an app that recognizes faces and by search through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; and would correctly identify people that were focused on for a few seconds and send social information about your target to your heads up display.  Within a few seconds you would know that person’s name, phone number, who their with, and any other available information.  Crazy futuristic right?  Well, it’s right around the corner.

How about this?  You’re playing a game of pool with some friends.  With Google Glass you improve your shot with the trajectory guide that is projected in your HUD.  Unfair?  Totally.  Awesome?  You bet!

Here’s something that would help everyone… Bring down speeding tickets and increase safety.  Instead of fiddling with a GPS manually and constantly adverting you eyes from the road, why not build that into Google Glass.  While driving, you would see a visual projection of your path much like in many modern video games.  Hands free GPS.

Again the sky is the limit!  What can you think of that would be possible with Google Glass?  Let us know in the comments!

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