WordPress Real Estate Plugins and Themes

December 13, 2012 WordPress

As WordPress grows in power so do the availability of plugins and themes for it.  In this article, we’ll explore what WordPress real estate plugins and themes have been making a splash lately and which ones to use for your site.

WordPress Real Estate Plugins and Themes

Why should I use WordPress?

That’s a good questions and one with many answers: availability, accessibility, community support, easy administration, open source, expandability and scalability.  Take your pick.  Being that WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system it means that you are adopting a product that is actively developed, will grow the technology and is widely supported enough so you’ll never find your back against the wall.  Either way on to the WordPress real estate plugins and themes.

WordPress Real Estate Plugins and Themes

Below you’ll find a list of WordPress real estate based themes and plugins.  While there are many to choose from these are currently our favorites.

WordPress IDX from iHomeFinder

Plugin URL: http://www.ihomefinder.com/product/optima-express/
Plugin Cost: Starting at $29.95/mo

This is a great plugin that puts an IDX feed in your website.  It offer many features such as, mobile IDX, map search, broker features is SEO enhanced.

FireStorm Professional Real Estate Plugin

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/fs-real-estate-plugin/screenshots/
Plugin Cost: FREE

Another great plugin that allows agents / brokerages to put their listings on their site.  Note that this plugin does not offer an IDX feed but is fully featured and ideal for smaller agencies that want to avoid a monthly fee.

dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dsidxpress/
Plugin Cost: Free but requires a dsIDXPress account

Another IDX integration plugin offered from dsIDXPress.  This plugin offers many widgets and shortcodes so that integrating your listing throughout your site is a breeze.

Premium Press Real Estate Theme

Theme URL: http://www.premiumpress.com/realestate/
Theme Cost: $79.00

This theme allows agents to include their own listing on their website.  Aside from including standards features such as being SEO optimized, maps, etc.; the theme also include some unique features like allowing visitors to upload properties and an advanced theme customization tool.

ElegantEstate Real Estate Theme

Theme URL: http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/elegantestate/
Theme Cost: $39 for every theme

A visually stunning theme offered from Elegant Themes, the ElegantEstate theme is easy to use and has a vast array of customizable options, shortcodes and widgets to thoroughly build your listing site.


Theme URL: http://my.studiopress.com/themes/agentpress/
Theme Cost: $99.95

A child theme for the Genesis framework, AgentPress is stable, secure and integrates well with the dsIDXPress plugin.  AgentPress also offers many other features like maps, photos, quick search and sorting by property status.

Real Estate 2 – WordPress Real Estate Theme

Theme URL: http://templatic.com/app-themes/real-estate-wordpress-theme-templatic/
Theme Cost: From $89

An advanced theme offering many features such as  One click auto install, Allow user to pay & publish properties on your site, Create a unique submission form using custom fields,  IDX/MLS compatible.

2 Responses to “WordPress Real Estate Plugins and Themes”

  1. Hi, we are trying to find a compatible WordPress theme that works good with the Optima Express plugin. Do you have experience or recommend any?

    • The majority of our work with the Optima Express plugin is done with our in house development theme. I have noticed that there are some conflicts with the Optima Express plugin and several themes (including our own), specifically in how certain pieces of the code are executed. The plugin is coded EXCEPTIONALLY well and that being said probably TOO well, being that WordPress has such a loose and mixed code base.

      Being that Optima Express utilizes the Twitter Bootstap framework, my advice is to find a theme that uses that. Even with a Bootstrap based theme you’ll still have to more than likely customize the CSS. Give us a call if you’d like help doing that!


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