Xbox SmartGlass Reviewed

January 31, 2013 WordPress

We finally had a chance to check out the Xbox Smart Glass app recently.  Its great to see leading video game companies taking positive steps to further enhance our gaming experience.  Furthermore its great that we can use a device that we already have to extend another one.  However even while the Xbox SmartGlass is cool in theory, it leaves much to be desired.

Screen Shots

It seems like Microsoft finally taken queues from Apple and have tightened up their UI across all their systems.


Where’s the Kitchen Sink?

Bottom line is the the Xbox SmartGlass seems to be an attempt from Microsoft to compete with Nintendo’s Wii – U and Sony’s series of handheld systems that integrate with the PlayStation 3.  But where Microsoft could have gained leverage, they simple have released a sub-par product.  Aside from in game features that will take time for the developers to implement, better social features would have made the application useful right away.  Wouldn’t it be cool to quickly select a friend to type a message to?  Or even record a message?  Add friends online, set your status.  Much cleaner and easier to use than hitting the Xbox guide while playing.

Just saying… What do you think?

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