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December 8, 2015 Inbound Marketing, Marketing

Inbound Marketing Can Boost Any Business

Marketing is a form of communication that is constantly evolving. One of the latest techniques in the world of marketing is inbound marketing. This is a type of marketing that has significantly affected traditional marketing. In order to understand the true meaning of inbound marketing we will have to briefly talk about outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is a name used for traditional marketing. This traditional marketing relies on two separate techniques. The first one is using the help of ads in media like billboards, TV, print media etc. in order to help people notice the product or service we are offering. The second technique is to make the next step and search for potential customers in an active manner like sending mails, making calls etc. As you can see, both techniques used in outbound marketing are interruptive.

Each of us has experienced outbound marketing efforts from different companies. For instance, an outbound marketer called us to pitch their company’s new product in Connecticut. Or more frequently, we watch commercials in the middle of the movie or TV show. The fact is that the message these companies are sending will reach only a small number of people. You will have to make dozens of cold calls to find one person who is actually interested in the product/service. The same goes with TV commercials – people usually change the channel when the commercials are on and we know if they are really interested in the offer when they watch the ad. In addition, thanks to modern technology people can now block these messages (if they appear on the Internet) – there are special plugins that block ads in browsers and most promotional emails are filtered in the junk mail section.

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The Importance Of Inbound Marketing

The main different between outbound/traditional marketing and inbound marketing is that the latter option is non-interruptive. This type of marketing has a unique concept that doesn’t require active search for potential customers or clients. It uses special techniques that attract this category of people naturally and spontaneously.

The basic idea is to provide certain value to users instead of trying to convince them to purchase items and services by using persuasive marketing messages. The value that we are talking about comes in the form of practical content that can help visitors and potential customers in many different ways. The majority of people use the Internet in order to find a solution for some of their problems. Inbound marketing is trying to help people solve these issues or provide them useful information (tips, answers etc.) in the beginning and continue the engagement once they find the answer.

If users notice that you have provided useful information from you, you will position yourself as an authority and they will like to get more information from you. After some period of time, they will get familiar with your work and they will certainly want to try some of the services or products from your offer. If people visit your website to find solutions, it is much easier to fulfill their expectations and improve conversions in the end.

So, unlike traditional marketing, where marketers get straight to the point by delivering a marketing message to users, inbound marketing leaves the marketing message for the end. They make the user feel safe and comfortable before they reveal their offer. All our efforts for inbound marketing in CT have been going well and may be the reason why you have found this article 😉

What does the inbound marketing process involve?

This is a complex process that begins by getting more visitors to your site. After that, you must find a way to convert these users into leads. Next, you need to convert these leads into sales. Finally, if you find a way to communicate with them in the right way, you will be able to create a loyal customer base that is one of the basic elements of successful businesses.

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Techniques And Methods Used In Inbound Marketing

This is a marketing strategy that represents a perfect combination of successful digital marketing methods and techniques. The type of business in question will determine the techniques that will be used in the process. In addition, the type of customers or clients and the long-term goals will also play a role in this process. This is a short list of inbound marketing techniques that are frequently used these days.

Social Media Marketing

Being present on the most popular social media networks is a must for every business. So, besides having a website, you also need to have strong and active profiles on relevant networks. This is a great way to establish connections with your clients by answering their questions and requests, sharing news and offering solutions to their issues and problems.

Content Marketing

According to many experts, this is the most important element of inbound marketing. Each business must share high-quality, engaging content that will bring more visitors. If the information you share is relevant and interesting, you can expect more traffic. The content you share must be delivered on a regular basis.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a term that has become quite popular in the past decade. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about optimizing a website for better ranking in the search engine result pages. This is a very complex activity that requires the help of true professionals. All the major search engines have their unique algorithms that guarantee visitors to get the most relevant results. Link building, keywords, image names, tags – these are only some of the things that we should take care of when performing search engine optimization.

Email Marketing

Although some people might think that email marketing is irrelevant today, this is not correct. Although most people use social media platforms for communication today, emails remain to be equally important as they were 10 years ago. By developing a good email marketing strategy you can expect excellent results. Keep in mind that the emails must be sent to people who have agreed to receive them.

By using these basic techniques and few other techniques, you can get the most from your inbound marketing strategy in CT, or any other state.

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