Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

December 29, 2015 Inbound Marketing, Marketing

What Makes a Good inbound Marketing Strategy?

Even if you have not followed the trends in the business world in the last few decades, you have probably noticed that this field has drastically changed. The main reason for these changes is the rapid progress of technology. Of course, the Internet has played the vital role in these positive changes that have affected all businesses. All of a sudden, business owners can spread their business message to millions of prospective customers and clients and make their company known worldwide. As we all know, networking is very important for every business and internet makes networking very easy and convenient too. The good news is that the times when business owners had to spend significant amount of money on advertisement are long gone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend a dime for this purpose, but using inbound marketing instead of outbound marketing promises extremely high return of investment something that you could not expect in the past.

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What is outbound marketing and why is it inferior to inbound marketing?

Outbound marketing or traditional marketing as some experts call it, includes the process of creation advertisements and sharing these ads with the world in the form of TV ads, radio commercials, print media ad, web ad etc. In some cases, traditional marketing relies on renting stands at national or international trade shows or special fairs in order to demonstrate what your company has to offer to the world. However, according to some statistics only 3 percent of these activities are successful. This means that business waste a lot of money. This money could’ve been used for improvement of the products and services they have in their offer. Outbound marketing targets a huge mass of people that have different interests which means that only a small percentage of the audience has a reason to check your offer. In others words you never know who you are addressing to and you can’t measure the effects.

With the newest form of marketing known as inbound marketing, you are attracting people who have already shown interest in your services or/and products. These people have already searched for something related to these products/services or directly for them. Basically, all you need to do is to show them why they should choose your company instead of using some other company. According to some stats, inbound marketing costs more than 50% less than outbound marketing and the results are significantly better. You can rarely find a new company that has become successful thanks to outbound marketing and we all know examples of companies that have skyrocketed their sales and value thanks to inbound marketing. The vast majority of approaches and techniques that are part of the inbound marketing strategy are completely free, so the only thing that you as business owners should do is to hire a reputable and experienced inbound marketing company to design a good strategy.

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Obviously, you can skip this step and try to do everything on your own and manage all the inbound marketing tactics without any help, but what about the long term results? You can initially save some money, but you will miss the effects. This is a serious activity that must be performed by professionals. Just imagine what would happen if you decide to work in fields that you don’t know quite well like human resources, shipping, accounting etc. All these activities must be conducted by true professionals. Obviously, anyone today can create a website or an account on some social media network. However, being successful is another thing. It requires knowledge, skills, experience and training and these are the qualities of a professional inbound marketer.

Furthermore, are you experienced in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The vast majority of websites depend on organic traffic – traffic that comes from search engines. About 70% of these websites get web traffic from search engines. This is also the most valuable form of web traffic because only people who want to learn more about certain keywords will come to your website. Have you even been involved in keyword research? Do you know the difference between regular and longtail keywords? Are you familiar with the latest updates of Google’s algorithm? These are only some of the things that reputable inbound marketers follow on a regular basis. They can handle all your social media accounts, they can improve your SEO and rank your website higher in the search engines results and they will create and manage an email marketing campaign that guarantees results.

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The basic elements of a good inbound marketing strategy

A good inbound marketing strategy consists of three basic things – good content, good SEO and good social media presence. In case you are able to use these three tools in the right way and at once, you will witness a rapid increase in web traffic on your website and ultimately increased number of sales. When we say content, we mean useful blog posts, engaging videos and your website in general. It is not enough to promote your products and services – you will also need to provide content that is useful for the visitors. Search Engine Optimization is all about making your website more available to people looking for a service/product like yours using Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and other popular search engines. The higher your website is ranked, the more visits you can expect. You can always use PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns, but numerous studies have shown that the best results come from organic search results, not from paid advertisement. Social media networks or platforms have proven to be extremely helpful in the past few years. If they are done in the right way, social media relations can drive more visitors to your website and improve your overall online presence. Having a social media profile is insufficient. You must handle it in the right way by answering user’s questions, updating statuses and promoting new content.


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