Top 4 WordPress Websites

WordPress has established itself as a very reliable and serious CMS (Content Management System) solution in the last few years. The popularity of WordPress is growing and this CMS is several times more popular than Drupal and Joomla for example. In the past, website owners and companies in general avoided WordPress when they needed truly professional websites, but if we take a close look at the situation today we will notice that WordPress has become a serious web solution. The fact is that many of these serious websites use WordPress coders to modify the source code and come up with unique solutions, but this doesn’t reduce the importance of WordPress. In order to learn more about WordPress and how popular websites use it, we will mention 4 websites based on WordPress that have high web traffic.

1. CNN

imagesCNN is one of the most famous brands that have chosen WordPress. According to their managers, one of the reasons why they have selected this CMS is the fact that they can easily make adjustments and changes in the appearance of their website. Every year, CNN makes several changes in order to find the optimal solution for their visitors. They are especially interested in video features because videos are the type of media that is expected to grow in terms of popularity in the future. CNN provides large video players and every video ends with suggestions for similar videos. They have also paid a lot of attention to the homepage even though in the last period they are getting more and more traffic from social media.

2. Time Magazine

1101101227_400This is another very popular name that uses WordPress. Just like CNN, Time Magazine has introduced several changes in their design in the last few years. What is interesting about this magazine is that they are investing a lot of money in creating the perfect responsive design. This is definitely something that every website owner should do because more than 50% of Internet users rely on their mobile devices. This means that good responsive design is a must. Luckily, WordPress makes this easy and simple.

3. Forbes

ForbesForbes relies on WordPress to manage all of their blogs and as you are probably aware there are many blogs on Forbes. The reason why these blogs are popular (besides their unique content) is the fact that they have many features. Thanks to WordPress, Forbes manages to find a way to present relevant keywords and pages to visitors and keep their attention.


4. Vogue

Vogue-Summer-Style-Guide-Supplement-Front-CoverWordPress has proven to be a good solution for fashion magazines too. Vogue is definitely one of the most popular magazines dedicated to fashion and it is no surprise why they have millions of unique visitors each month. The website itself comes with magazine design and even though it looks simple at first glance, it comes with many sophisticated features. It is good to point out that they have discreet, yet effective advertising, something that every website owner wants to achieve.

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