7 Things Your Website Should Be Doing

February 11, 2016 Presentations

Recently I had the pleasure of giving a talk on websites for the Hartford Adobe Meetup group.  Thanks to Jim Mattingly of Mattingly Graphics for videoing the presentation!  It came out great!

Presentation Slides

Here are the slides to the presentation.

Where’s the Data?

This entire presentation is based off a much large piece of work where all data is cited.  This isn’t something that is released by Cyberpunk yet as it is being finalized.  To get the current working copy, feel free to email me and I will personally send it to you.

Additional Resources

I was also asked by Julie Chen for any recommendations on books, websites or any additional resources.  Here is a quick list of things we commonly use at Cyberpunk Interactive.

SEO Software

  • SEO Panel – An open source piece of software to track and grow SEO campaigns.  Its cool but is a bit hard to setup and lacks good documentation.
  • Moz.com – Awesome SEO software.  Great for tracking, organizing campaigns.  Also great for doing research on competitors.
  • SpyFu – Great keyword research software.  Fantastic keyword suggest features.
  • WordTracker – Another great keyword research tool.  Less expensive than SpyFu.

Business Organization / Admin Tools

  • Zurmo – Interesting Open Source CRM.  Includes custom workflows and a HUGE API.
  • OrangeScrum – Open Source web based scrum style task management software.
  • Wunderlist – Free advanced task management software.  Great for collaboration with others and easy to use and adopt.
  • NinjaInvoice – Open Source web invoicing application.
  • InfiniteWP – Free WordPress management software.


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