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February 9, 2016 SEO, Websites

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Looking for the right Connecticut search engine optimization strategy? Most of the search engine marketers know the basics of SEO tactics, but there are some quality ways to drastically improve your on page efforts. To dominate the SERPs there are many on page optimization and off page optimization techniques that can give you excellent results. Here are a few tactics that can raise the level of your website on Google and other search engines. Check out the advanced route for compelling results that will help you in Internet marketing.

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  1. Content rich sites with SEO – Google is updating the algorithms on consistent basis and push high quality content on SERPs. It is not about unique content that you put but it is about what engages the user. The user should be interested to read what you post and must share with others. Moreover, the content should be lengthy and it should be meaningful. Simply increasing the word count won’t impress Google or the readers. Actual users must love it and therefore, Google gives importance to content rich sites provided the information is useful.


  1. Seek for long tail keywords – A good internet marketing strategy involves understanding the search of keywords used by the end user is crucial. For example, a user looking for purse may not buy it but the user looking for brown purse strap or brown purse black shoes is ready to make a purchase. Long tail contains millions of unique searches unlike the popular keywords that make 30 percent of searches performed on the web. The other 70 percent remain in the long tail keyword search.


  1. Use Synonyms of long tail and other important keywords for CT SEO – Once you are done with the research of important keywords, use the synonyms of commonly used words. You can place the synonyms throughout the content and add some variations to it at some important places that relate to the keywords. Google considers related terms like “forward “and “proceed” and if the strategy is implemented appropriately, then you will notice the content of the site will rank high for the appropriate keyword. The important thing to consider is, it should not look unnatural, so in a single post using end number of variants may look like an advanced form of keyword stuffing.


  1. Write meaningful blogs for Internet Marketing – It is important to create blogs that are not just keyword focused but have relevant information for the reader. Do not stuff the blogs with keywords and do not make it a keyword centric blog post, instead share information that people like want to share with others. One should write for people and not for search engines because Google algorithms reward sites with good content and not the ones that have keyword stuffed. Simple Tips to Help in SEO If you’re looking for Connecticut Search Engine optimization, here is a bullet list that you need to follow. – Do not over optimize your website – Fill up the metas and keywords in every page – Have a SEO friendly image whenever possible – Do not forget to fill out the ALT tag of the image – Try using a WordPress site, as WordPress is SEO friendly. With these simple tips, CT SEO can be pretty simple and fun.

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