CT SEO: Myths vs Facts

February 16, 2016 SEO, Websites

Connecticut SEO Company Myths vs Facts

Zooming up the ladder of Google Search rankings might not seem easy. To enjoy the fame and glory of a first page Google result is an experience out of the world indeed. So, how do you as a business come across an affordable CT SEO solution that caters to all your needs? Unfortunately, no matter where you go, there are myths looking up to you, forcing you to believe them.

So, what should you be aware of, when you are looking for Connecticut search engine optimization services?

connecticut seo company

1. The know-it-all people when it comes to SEO knowledge are probably fraudsters. Yes, you heard that right. Nobody can tell they know it all, when it comes to knowing all about Google’s algorithm. The reason is simple, Google never divulges its algorithm and as changed it more than 24 times since 2011. While some patterns and sequences could be deciphered by those studying Google’s developments closely and rise of mobile phone web sites, nobody can claim that they have all the knowledge.

2. Use of Keyword in internet marketing is what you should concentrate upon solely More than marketing and on-page SEO, content is still the king. Keyword stuffing could be great but content still rules. Keywords that flow in naturally and updated few times a week is what Google wants – not content stuffed with keywords. It’s simple. Your visitors want to read good content, and keywords are only the medium to get them to your website. Original, engaging content – just like this one, will help your Google rankings soar up higher and visitors increase by the day. And the increasing use of mobile phones are sure to change how Google thinks about SEO.

3. Commenting on other sites will help increase CT SEO Yes, this is another myth that won’t serve you well. If you think commenting unnecessarily in other sites with a back link to your site will help your SEO, you are mistaken. Google deals with link spamming strictly, and being careful where you comment might just help you in the long run.

4. Black hat SEO will help you climb up the ladder of Google Rankings faster It doesn’t get worse than this. But then, there would always be people asking you to tread on a path that isn’t going to fetch you anything – except troubles. Black Hat SEO are techniques that you will use to fool Google. The theory is itself flawed. You cannot fool Google for long. And when they find out, all your efforts are going down. Here are some other CT SEO myths that you should be wary about.

  • It’s not important to fill up metas
  • It’s not important for keywords since Google is now contextually driven
  • Images are not important in a post
  • You can do with less backlinks
  • Posting content of less length is more preferable than content of higher length (hint: it is not).
  • Building up your website’s rank takes time. Google not only gives credence to the points given above, it also judges a site by its age. The right ct SEO techniques will help you climb up the rankings easily.

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