What We Learned from Watching the SERPs for 120 Days Straight

November 2015 - March 2016

March 8, 2016 SEO

Last year, Cyberpunk switched its sales focus from custom websites to Search Engine Optimization.  There was an enormous amount of information that urged us to make this change, mainly the dramatic increase in sales we’ve seen since embarking on a long-term SEO strategy and our constant desire to spread knowledge and to help other businesses succeed in the online world.  After ending ties with our OWN SEO vendor (through no fault of theirs) and choosing to perform SEO services in house we decided that we needed to refresh ourselves with the SEO processes, why it’s important and MOST importantly, what factors matter.  Since doing this, Cyberpunk has over 65 search terms on the first page of Google.  Let’s dive into all this.

Why SEO Is Important?

The main reason SEO is important in a business is because it drives sales and determines what the market looks like in almost every industry.  Once you can understand HOW people search, what their INTENT is and what keywords are available to properly rank with, better and more targeted marketing decisions can be made.  Remember that at the end of the day search engines are an earned marketing channel.   To summarize and expand having a good grasp of SEO enables us to:

  • Target services of any business
  • Learn about their industry
  • Understand HOW / WHY people are searching for their services
  • Create a sitemap that is indigenous to the site’s overall traffic goals

ct seo companyThe idea is that

What Matters to Google?

  • Backlinks are have always been king!
  • Diversified backlink profiles rank better than over saturation
  • ATTENTION WEB DEVELOPERS! Backlinks count for MORE when on different servers.
  • Freshness counts!
  • On page is great but is easily eclipsed by backlinks
  • Google sorts through sites in REAL TIME
  • Google hates that I look through the SERPS so often
  • Search Volume of Terms should dictate your site map

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