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Let’s face it, people DO judge books by their covers.  94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.  Don’t let poor design the reason that you loose business on the internet.  Make the BEST impression on your users with custom web design.

Engage Your Prospects

Having a custom designed web site ensures a site of the highest quality and motives eager users to take action.  Our simple but detailed process gathers the necessary information to make intelligent design decisions that allow your custom website to maintain your already established branding, stand out from the competition, engage your users and ultimately yield a positive return on investment.  While there are many wonderful website builder available on the internet that can give you a website at a fraction of the cost, nothing compares to having industry veterans craft you a unique site that’s fine tuned just for you.

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Custom Web Design Process

  1. Research – In this phase we paint a detailed picture of what your consumers look like and how we can entice them to take action on your site.  We then outline a list of your competitors and how we can improve on what they have already done.
  2. Wireframes – Using some good old fashioned tools we site with you and sketch out what elements will be on your new website.  This allows us to take a high level concept with user definable goals and have a design expert turn it into a visually stunning masterpiece.
  3. Design – Your wireframes are then turned into what your website will look like complete with all visual bells and whistles.  We design your layouts right in front of you!
  4. Coding – After the new website design is completed, the necessary coding to create a functional prototype is completed.
  5. Content Auditing – Your existing content and any NEW content is created and layered into your website.
  6. Quality Assurance – Your new site is then thoroughly tested to make sure it works perfectly within all major browsers and mobile devices.
  7. Training / Launch – You will then be trained on how to update and use your new website.  We then launch the new site and then using Google Analytics start collecting user data.
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