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Giving Back

We’d rather work on something new and exciting as often as possible.  That’s why when the opportunity comes up, we jump at creating something that we can give back to the community.When we’re not creating WordPress websites, we’re usually creating some sort of plugin for the platform.

CT WordPress Plugin

Welcome User

This handy little plugin outputs customizable welcome messages based on user roles similar to those seen on eBay and Amazon.

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Ct WordPress Developer

Enhanced Header / Footer Injections

Adds a meta box to your pages / posts and custom post types that allows for injecting code into the header and footer. **FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY**

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Connecticut WordPress Company

Local Navigation Menu

A simple plugin that outputs a one level deep menu based on the user’s position in the page heirarchy. Useful for sites with a large amount of pages.

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CT WordPress Web Design


An advanced Email delivery plugin that is useful in application style websites that need to send out data populated emails. **FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY**

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web developers CT

Geo-Location Ads

Enables a simple way to add ads to your site, using shortcodes, PHP or widgets.  Currently ads can be only targeted in the United States.


Useful Dashboard

Allows for a few basic client-focused customizations to the dashboard, including contact information and an ability to add help videos.



Quickly create dummy content for theme development testing purposes.  Uses the lorempixel and loripsum APIs.


ACF Button Field

Adds an extra field that outputs a URL with customizable classes and behaviors.  Useful for creating buttons that a client can edit


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