Easily send out dynamically populated email

Sending out emails in application style websites can be a pain.  The process is the same every time.  All that changes is the template and the content.  In step eTemplates.  For developers by a developer, the WordPress plugin eTemplates simplifies the email process by providing a simple yet powerful interface to use.  Not for the faint-of-heart, eTemplates works only in code to deliver application transparent emails.

Global Settings

Quickly administer the plugins options.


All Templates

Select which template you wish to edit.


Edit Template

Define the contents of the email and set all dynamic variables.


How to Use in Code

Sending out an eTemplate is simple.  All you need is a couple of lines of code to do so.

$emailtags = array('magictag1' => 'value1', 'magictag2' => 'value2', 'magictag3' => 'value3');
nlws_et($templateID, $to, $emailtags);
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