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December 12, 2012 Plugin Review

Recently we wrote an article on WordPress Speed Optimizations.  In that article we mentioned a fantastic plugin called Plugin Organizer.  Being that the plugin is so awesome we felt it would only be appropriate to write a article solely on how we use it in our workflow

What does this thing do?

A bunch of cool things.  Its main features are:

  • Allows for plugin grouping
  • Globally enable / disable plugins
  • Selectively load / disable plugins on a per page / post basis

While there are a few other things it does, these are the meat and potatoes of what it does and why every WordPress site needs Plugin Organizer installed on it.  The main reason we use this plugin is for speed enhancements and to remove some nasty JavaScript errors from this site.  In this example we’re going to learn how to use plugin organizer to selectively load a plugin called Media Grid on a single page.  NOTE: It should be obvious but needs to be mentioned anyway, this technique can be applied to ANY plugin.

The Plugin Organizer Speed Trick

Let’s go over how to use plugin organizer to speed up your site.  The process is simple and involves only a few  steps.

Step 1 – Enable selective plugin loading

This will give us the ability to control which plugins are globally loaded.

Selective Plugin Loading

Step 2 – Globally disable Media Grid

This will disable Media Grid so that it won’t load at all.

Disable Media Grid

Step 3 – Enable Media Grid on the desired page

Now Media Grid will work only on the selected page.

Enable Media Grid on the Selected Page

Simple enough right?  How do you use plugin organizer?  Let us know!

Plugin Organizer Resources

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