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September 29, 2015 Website Buying Guides

With all the available resources out on the internet today, many people and businesses consider building their own websites.  You’ve seen the commercials on TV, you’ve received promotional emails in your inbox, hear the word template mentioned before and your brother-in-law’s sister’s boyfriend thought about taking a course on it in college 10 years ago.  All of these examples make you believe that the process is EASY.  Who wouldn’t be able to slap a few words together, grab a few pictures from Google and turn them into something that will send the masses flocking?  If it were that easy, you wouldn’t be here would you? 🙂  Let’s dive into why you SHOULDN’T make your own website and how taking that approach will ultimately cost you more money in the long run.

You more than likely won’t own your actual site

If you’re thinking about doing a website yourself you more than likely are looking at builders like Wix, The Grid, SquareSpace, etc.  These are fantastic tools that fill a temporary need to have a quick online presence.  That being said all websites worth their salt are business assets that generate revenue in an either direct or in direct manner.  Don’t you want all of your business assets to be actually owned by you and your businesses?

should i build my own website or hire someone

With builders like these, your website is actually THEIR property that you are able to use.  Makes sense right?  From their point-of-view why wouldn’t they want your website to be their property?  Furthermore, since these builders only give a finite amount of control as to what they can do and accomplish, they are unable to be optimized on a granular level resulting in sub-par performance.  Think of it as an employee.  We’ve all experienced the guy that shows up and does as little as he can so that he can make a paycheck.  And we all desire the person that shows up early, greets our customers with a smile and puts in an honest day.  This metaphor rings true with a poor and a great website.

You are not a professional designer / coder / user experience expert

should i hire a professional designerChances are, if you’re reading this article you are a designer, coder or user experience expert.  There is a science into making a good website that is backed by research and statistics.  Being aware of these facts, usage patterns and methodologies are what separates, good design from bad design; an enticing call-to-action from a poor one; a passable site from a great site.  With every business existing in a crowded market on the internet, having a professional help you cut above the noise is a good idea to get the recognition and exposure that you and your business need and deserve.

Other real world things you wouldn’t do

As the saying goes, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  There are lots of thing that we could do in life that distract us from more important things.  Let’s say that you are about to get married.  If you wanted to save a good 5 grand you COULD do the photography for the wedding; but now you have less time to spend with your new spouse and your guests.  You also are not going to be in as many pictures as you could.

You COULD do your taxes with TurboTax and spend $150 for the software and spend a few hours working on it.  However spending $600 for a professional to do it and saving an extra 3 grand at the end of the year is totally more worth it.

You COULD defend yourself in court when trying to save your house during your second divorce… Just kidding… You get the idea!

The point is that as a business owner, there are more important things you SHOULD be doing to develop and grow your business.  Which leads us to our next point.

Your time is worth more doing other things for your business

As a business owner, you should be using your time working ON your business not in it.  While this isn’t always the case and CERTAINLY not the case in small businesses, your business in NOT creating websites or marketing.  Hiring the right people, meeting with investors, interviewing for a local newspaper and landing your next account are what business owners do.  If you run a service base business (like us) you want to concentrate on making sure your turn over rate is as high as possible while making sure your product and service is as good as possible.  In any case – focus on what you’re good at!

Errors cost a lot

i hired the wrong designerThe last part of our article on avoiding DIY is understanding how expensive errors can be.  Cyberpunk receives many, many calls where another developer or firm couldn’t finish a project or where a site isn’t functioning properly (which usually means someone didn’t finish).  Maybe the site technically works but, its not generating any revenue.  Looking over someone’s sloppy half-baked work and trying to fix it usually costs more than starting from scratch.  To make this an example that most people can relate to, imagine if your car one day decided to not work.  Naturally you’d take it to an auto shop.  Now, let’s say that YOU as a non-professional mechanic and engineer built the car.  The mechanic working at said shop would give you funny looks, ask you funny questions and would hand you an estimate that you didn’t want to see.  A strange but accurate metaphor.

So what should I do?

Its easy!  Hire a professional web designer or agency.  Stay tuned to find out what you should be looking for when hiring the right agency.

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