How to Create Valuable Content

The how and why of creating value based content

October 27, 2015 Marketing

how to create valuable content

With any inbound marketing plan, value resides at the core.  Users need to know that if they are going to interact with a brand and surrender any of their personal information that they are going to receive something that will educate them, or enhance their life.  Many of our clients at Cyberpunk struggle with this concept and seem to have adopted the philosophy that telling their audience that something is valuable is in fact creating valuable content.  While there is some validity in this line of thinking, this is only half of the equation.  To create a metaphor, it’s like telling anyone that “money is valuable”.  However telling someone how to acquire money is creating information that is value based.

Determining the How and Why

Figuring this out is relatively simple and is determined by asking two basic questions:

How is the content I’m producing helping the consumer? In our simple arbitrary example, telling someone in detail how to find a job or invest in the market can lead them in a direction to making money.  Providing content that enables them to do that solves a problem that they are having.  This leads us to the next question.

Why does this consumer need this information in the first place?  Again referring to our arbitrary example, understanding our audience and their goals helps to determine this.  Everyone unfortunately needs money to survive; pay bills, buy food, maintain a place to live and enjoy themselves.

If these two questions can be clearly answered, then there is an opportunity to produce content.


Simple enough right?  Almost too simple?  Well, it actually is that simple.  Most people just don’t realize it.

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