Do I Need A Custom Website Design?

What is it and why have one?

December 2, 2015 Websites

Custom web design is a type of design that relies on a perfect combination of web content elements and images to emphasize the business goal of the company. With the right custom website design solution, companies can present their services and/or products, get new customers, keep the existing ones and grow their business. In case you are interested in making your business more visible, choosing custom web design is probably the most convenient solution.

This type of website design is very important and shouldn’t be ruled out as an option even when you think that the online presence of your company is not that important. On the other hand, making a custom website design is a complex task. It requires adequate preparation and application. Only a trained and qualified professional in this field can help you with this task because they are able to provide that professional appearance for your website that you have always wanted. With their help, you will get a website design that attract visitors and turns them into buyers.

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What Makes a Good Custom Web Design?

It is crucial to understand that a successful custom website design is not a simple combination of graphics, colors and content. There are few other elements that contribute to the overall appearance of your website.

These are some of the things that you must take into consideration when making a custom web design:

  1. Creating an attractive logo which contains a link that redirects visitors to the homepage.
  2. In order to provide good user experience, your website must possess easy navigation. If the navigation is smooth, you can expect visitors to stay longer on your website which ultimately means better ranking in the search engines (and lower bounce rates as one of the factors that determine ranking).
  3. If you want to get a successful custom web design then you must include a site map on your website. In this way, visitors will get a clear view about the content of your website including menus and submenus.
  4. Building trust is one of the main goals of every business owner and this trust must be kept on the Internet too. If your website has a professional appearance you can expect to increase the trust and credibility. By choosing appropriate colors and their combinations, page sizes and backgrounds, content, fonts, graphics and other elements, you will achieve the desired effect.
  5. Many people forget that some seemingly generic website elements like the FAQ and About Us sections can play crucial role in sure experience. Be sure to invest a good amount of time on these parts of the website.
  6. The content of your website must be updated every once in a while in order to keep your website current and fresh. Both visitors and search engines love websites like this and by providing fresh content on a regular basis, your website will soon rank on the first page of search engine results for relevant keywords.
  7. Finally, page loading time is very important too. According to some experts, modern Internet users are prepared to wait for up to 3 seconds for some website to load before they leave the website. If your website’s loading speed is slow, this will also ruin your search engine rankings because of the high bounce rate and lack of optimization.

Website owners should not forget that the basic purpose of any website is to provide certain information to visitors. They visit websites in order to get this info. A successful website knows its audience and knows how to keep visitors’ attention and make them stay on the website as long as they can. Think about your website as a spokesperson or salesperson that is trying to reveal all the things you have in your offer – all the services and products.

Therefore, it is very important for a custom website design to be made in a way which allows visitors to find what they are looking for fast and present information in an organized manner. Inadequate loading speed, inadequate layout and poor content management will disappoint your visitors and they will soon leave your website. What is even worse is that these potential customers will most likely end up on your competitor’s website.     

The numerous benefits of using a custom website design

There is no doubt that every modern business must be present online. If you are still looking for the right way to present your business on the Internet it is probably the best idea to choose custom website design. A design of this type, made by professionals, will not only secure constant flow of new visits, but it will also present the products and/or services that you are offering in the best way. In other words, this website design is ideal for conversions. According to many experts, custom website design is the most professional-looking design out there.

custom web design

In addition, this website design provides few other benefits. First and foremost, this design allows you to implement any design that you find attractive. If this design comes with high-quality content, you can expect that your services and products will be more noticeable which is very important given that every business today has a website. Finally, you can expect a website design tailored to your own needs and requirements at low price.

Custom website design allows you to easily adjust the appearance of your website. If you take a close look at the history of website design you will notice that the trends are changing rapidly. However, if you have the right basis, you can implement these changes smoothly and without affecting the work of the website. This is also an excellent marketing tool because it can emphasize the things you do in the best way.

Another thing that we shouldn’t forget is that custom website design makes SEO easier. Search engine optimization is one of the basic elements of online success. Link building, page content, keywords, traffic monitoring are some of the things that make good SEO and they can all be handled easily if you have a design of this type for your website.

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