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Only a small number of people remember that the basic idea behind WordPress was to create a good blogging platform. The current status and development of this platform show that WordPress today is much more than that. This is a complete Content Management System (CMS) with tons of features. According to many experts, this is a great platform for publishing content especially for those who want to emphasize aesthetics, web standards and functionality on their website. Now let’s highlight some other interesting facts about WordPress.

1. WordPress is the #1 CMS

According to the official statistics, about 25% of websites are using WordPress. What is even more interesting is that more than half of the websites that use CMS use WordPress. For instance, there are six times more websites that are powered by WordPress compared to Joomla. This difference is even greater when we compare WordPress to Drupal – 10:1.


2. WordPress is constantly growing

The best part is that WordPress is constantly growing. This means that there is a bright future for this CMS. The statistics we have mentioned before highlight the fact that more than about 50.000 new websites based on WordPress are published on a daily basis! This is not a surprise because there are currently 76.5 million blogs that use WordPress.

3. WordPress plugins

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is its functionality. This is a very practical platform and the plugins that every user can install contribute to this flexibility and functionality. The latest news suggests that there are more than 30.000 plugins available to WordPress users. It is good to point out that not all of them are free. Using plugins can definitely ease the maintenance and overall work on your WordPress website. Akismet remains to be the most popular plugin. This plugin provides spam protection.

4. WordPress search queries

There are more than 37 million searches related to WordPress per month on Google alone. This means that a lot of people need help with their WordPress websites. Even though this platform is very simple, in order to get some special effects and use some specific features you will need to learn more about this CMS.

5. WordPress themes

With the help of WordPress themes, users can change the complete appearance of their website. These themes are separated in different categories, so users can easily find the one that suits their niche. Of course, just like in the case of plugins, some WordPress themes are free while others are paid. There are currently more than 30.000 themes available to WP users and this number is growing every day.

6. WordPress in the future

The current version of WordPress is 4.4. There were more than 20 updates of this platform since 2003. The next update is scheduled for April, 2016. This version will allow better publishing features and ability for fast changes and better protection from security attacks something that is happening quite often these days.


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